Ways to Keep the Romance Alive after Valentine’s Day

19 Feb

February is renowned as “The Month of Love” and yet sadly it would seem Valentine’s Day is the highlight, after which the amour tends to wane. Well we at The Alphen Boutique Hotel feel this is a travesty, and so decided to do our part by bringing you 5 ways to keep the romance alive after Valentine’s Day. All ideally situated in and around our stunning suburb of Constantia, the essential getaway for lovers and all mere minutes from The Alphen Boutique Hotel.


  • If Cape Town were alive, then Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens would no doubt be its beating heart. Already an ever popular picnic spot, the gardens come alive with the annual Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts, which hosts a scintillating line-up of local and international artists every Sunday. The perfect place to lay down a blanket, cuddle with your partner and watch the summer sun slowly sink behind the mountains while being serenaded by the best.
  • While we’re appreciating nature let’s not forget the myriad of hiking trails that criss-cross the Constantia countryside, including our very own Alphen Trail. Starting just around the corner from our beloved 5 star hotel, the trail winds its way through the greenery, with the accompaniment of the gurgling Diep River. The scenery is stunning to behold, with various bridges transporting you from Cape Town straight into a Mark Twain novel (incidentally an honoured guest of The Alphen over a century ago). A romantic stroll or a picnic on the grass is enough to relax, rejuvenate and soothe the soul.
  • For a market with a difference, perhaps a visit to the Waldorf Night Market is in order? On offer is a veritable feast of wholesome foods, handmade crafts and goods, and fantastic live entertainment. Walking hand-in-hand through the market with its candle lit atmosphere and splendid setting of the Constantia Valley might be just the occasion to coax and cajole the cockles of any heart.
  • Why not visit the Alphen Antiques and Collectables Fair, where you and your loved one can view the best of bargains, antiques and collectables. Who knows, on this hunt you may find treasures that last you a lifetime.
  • Of course no visit to Constantia would be complete without wine, and one of the best ways to experience all the award-winning wines in South Africa’s oldest wine region is at Constantia Fresh, one of the most prestigious outdoor wine events in South Africa. Constantia Fresh focuses on “freshness” and the country’s freshest wines are meticulously paired with fresh and vibrant food. And with an antique market, art sales, coffee tastings and local craft beer as well as entertaining live music, it’s the perfect day out with a loved one.


If you’re looking for the ideal place to keep love going this February then look no further than Constantia and the myriad of events and activities surrounding The Alphen Boutique Hotel.

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