Go Away Winter!

11 Sep

At the time of us writing this blog the rain was pummelling down outside, the wind was howling away like an angry woman who’s just been told those shoes are not part of the promotion and pictures of floods were going viral all over social media networks, it seemed so hard to believe that spring was on just a few days away. None the less, despite the horrific weather trying so hard to creep into our warm cosy spot beside the fire at The Alphen Boutique Hotel in Constantia and desperately trying to put up the last bit of a fight before spring graces us with her presence, we’ve decided to dedicate this post on what’s to come this next season.


As we’ve mentioned before, spring is on the way in, good bye and good riddance to winter! Once we pick up the pieces of what’s winter’s wrath has tainted, we can once again enjoy our 5 star estate in its full bloom.

Balmy by the Bar

It feels like forever ago that the Rose Bar was buzzing day in and day out with guests seeking solace from the Constantia heat. This year will prove to be no different, in fact we are so excited for all the little treats we have in store for you… Here’s a bit of a teaser, glistening coals, sparkling cool water, day beds, refreshing cocktails, delicious crayfishCan you guess? If we did not make it obvious enough for you, be sure to watch our Facebook fan page, The Alphen Boutique Hotel at a later stage and all will be revealed, ;)

Give winter the boot

No really, give winter the boot and say hello to sandals season. If you’re anything like the most of us, your feet have most likely pulled the short straw when it came to priorities this miserable season.  In fact they are most likely so despondent after being confined in those closed up leather prisons for 3 months!  It is with your body’s foundation in mind that we’ve at the Alphen luxury hotel put together a fantastic in-room Spring Panicure Pamper Package and Special Accommodation deal. Now you can step out in confidence this spring… You most likely think Panicure is a typo, so to avoid confusion, here’s what it actually is; The Panicure Package is a delectable deal which comprises of a deluxe manicure and pedicure as well as breakfast at la Belle when you stay two nights at any of our luxury suites.

Now that your feet have been seen to

Perhaps spring for you is more about nature rather than panicures and lounging out beside the pool? If this sounds more up your alley then Alphen trail is just for you! This lovely trail is one of the most popular walks along the green belt and truly does the trick when it comes to rejuvenating the body and soul. The walk starts just meters away from our hotel and sees numerous Constantia locals and travellers enjoying the trail daily. What makes it even better is that The Alphen 5 star Boutique Hotel, that’s us, is just up the road so you can join us for what’s considered by many as one of the best cups of tea in Cape Town. (We would say China but that’s a bit boisterous)

Enjoy your tea in our garden

If we haven’t said it enough times already, here it comes again, spring is such an astonishing time here at our 5 star establishment! One of the many reasons we say this with so much passion and conviction is our gardens. Our 12 acre garden is filled with Sugarbirds which we manage to attract by planting Diospyros Whyteana (Monkey Bladder) and Halleria Lucida. Our flower beds bud with symbols of rejuvenation and promise and create an atmosphere that is not only filled with so many prospects but is nothing short of magical! Our perfectly manicured emerald lawns come to life with families and children basking in ecstasy the renewed life has brought to our estate…

Gosh… Go away winter! We are over you!

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