Top Winter Activities in Constantia for Winter 2015

23 Jun

Yes, winter has descended upon Cape Town, but that doesn’t mean we should hide away and hibernate! Constantia has a myriad of events and happenings to keep you warm and entertained, all mere minutes from the Alphen Boutique Hotel. We’ve compiled a list of the top activities in Constantia to enthral one and all this winter:

1. Wine Tasting: Warm yourself inside and out by exploring a few of the wine estates in the Constantia Valley, the oldest and most historic wine region outside of Europe. Explore the vineyards, take a cellar tour and, of course, make sure to sample their wonderful, award-winning wines!

2. Cuisine: If you’re looking for the best winter warming meals, look no further than the Winter Warmer specials at the 5 Rooms Restaurant, right here at the Alphen Boutique Hotel in Constantia. From succulent slow braised lamb to tantalizing chicken curry, these delectable dishes are certain to warm up any winter’s day. Or perhaps stop by la Belle for a comforting cappuccino and some home baked goodness.

3. Hiking Trails: With winter comes the rain, which means the Constantia countryside comes alive with an abundance of lush greenery, making the nearby hiking trails all the more lovely. Experience the natural beauty of Constantia by taking a stroll along the Alphen Trail, meandering alongside gentle streams and tree-lined lanes.

4. Tokai Forest Market: Nestled amongst the trees on the lower edges of the Tokai Forest, one can find the quaint and cosy Tokai Forest Market. A veritable smorgasbord of foods and crafts, the market offers guests everything from delectable honeys and free range lamb to hand-crafted goods and clothes. Wonder amongst the stalls, sampling the fresh produce or perhaps sit down and indulge in farm-style breakfasts and coffee.

Constantia is the perfect place to call home this winter, so why not take advantage of the incredible winter specials available at the Alphen Boutique Hotel, and enjoy a winter vacation in absolute luxury.

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