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1 Apr

Winter is not joking around this year and it seems so many Capetonians are quite flustered by the fact that we skipped right past autumn and have been thrust into winter. However all is not lost just yet, we still have a long weekend to look forward to and get to enjoy Constantia in all its glory clad in viridian and emerald from the fall rains. As you should know by now we don’t do things half heartedly here at The Alphen Boutique hotel, and never would, which is why we’ve taken the time to plan the perfect Easter break for you!


Now there were quite a few things we had to consider when planning the ultimate breakaway package for this year’s Easter break with not only the obvious fact that this is one of the last long weekends coming up for a while, but the fact that Cape Town will be inundated with runners for the Two Oceans Marathon which takes place at the same time. Ultimately we want to ensure that not only families but competitors alike both have the best stay possible in our luxury hotel. After some thought, we’ve come up with the perfect solution.

Now instead of throwing prices and facts at you, let’s go the fun route and tell you how amazing your stay will be with us…Lets start at Friday night.

Meander your way through rows of Oak trees that tell the story of years of Constantia’s existence and make your way to a red carpet manned by elegantly dressed, poised doormen. Step into a foyer that exudes with tales of old infused with the contemporary chic …. Well done, you’ve just made your mark in our future history. Now we realise after a day if not days of travelling one most likely would not be interested in venturing any further than the comfort of your new found sanctuary, especially for those who will be partaking in the two oceans the next morning, but with so much to do right on your doorstep this need not be a worry.  Stop by for an amazing culinary experience at 5 Rooms Restaurant and either carbo-load for the big race or enjoy a delightful dinner and a glass of wine accompanied by fantastic live jazz.


Let’s move onto Saturday, while some of you may be out on the road running (for whichever reason motivates you to partake in it!) there will be the lucky few who get to sleep in for just long enough to be fresh and make the most of the day, starting off with breakfast at la Belle Bistro and Bakery. For the purpose of providing as much details as possible, perhaps we should reiterate just why starting your day in this French style bistro will absolutely “make” your day.

La Belle Bistro and Bakery, situated on the luxury 5 star Alphen Boutique Hotel estate, literally has guests entranced by the smell of delicious freshly baked goods. Choose from macaroons, to red velvet cupcakes, brownies to pecan pie, or perhaps you’re in the mood or something savoury… point being, this little slice of heaven is a must stop for your Saturday.


Now we realise Sundays are generally days to relax, but when Monday is a public holiday an exception can be made, and when you have music as great as we do resonating from 5 Rooms, how could you not be tempted to jazz things up a bit? ;) Our jazz nights have officially been running for just over a month now under the professional orchestration of South African renowned musician Rus Nerwich. Expect not only food that will tantalize your palate but songs that will sooth your soul and remind you of all the splendour the world has to offer. To see who will be performing be sure to have a look at our 5 Rooms Jazz Facebook page and view the full line up.


Easter just isn’t quite the same without chocolate. In keeping with our policy of ensuring that there’s something special for absolutely everyone of our guests, we’ve decided the best way to end off your Easter weekend stay would be with an age old Easter egg hunt in our majestic garden for the kids on Monday. So while the adults sit down to enjoy a relaxing High Tea at 3pm, the kiddies will be running around the garden, hunting down the chocolate treasures hidden by the Easter Bunny. A wonderful ending to a perfect weekend.


So whether it be the breakfast, jazz, Easter egg hunt or maybe you just love our hotel, be sure to book your stay with us before you miss out!

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