What will you be sipping on this summer?

2 Oct

What will you be sipping on this summer?

Last minute changes and little touches are underway at the moment and the hotel is abuzz with the Rose Bar‘s summer opening just around the corner…It’s safe to say we all can’t wait for the opening night to reap the rewards of our hard work and dive into summer in a grand manner which only The Alphen Luxury Boutique Hotel knows.

Champagne will be flowing and dj’s will be setting the tone for a night to remember, but we must admit we are looking forward to sampling the new cocktails most. With the whole team’s help we’ve managed to put together a cocktail menu that has a little bit of something for everyone… even the most discerning socialites. As much as we would love to try all of them we do realise we still need to be compos mentis at the end of the evening. With this in mind we’ve devised a plan to make it a bit easier to select which tasty beverage we plan on indulging in this summer. So without further ado, here’s our little guide on how to choose the best cocktail for you!



Do you like it short and sweet?

Martini’s are the perfect option for those of you who prefer a drink with a bit of kick but would prefer to avoid too much mix. Most martini’s are vodka based (the primary alcohol in the cocktail) however when referring to the classic James Bond style drink (which we simply have to mention is in fact meant to be stirred not shaken) one uses gin. Back to the point though, for those of you who prefer martini’s we recommended you try the Guava and Rose water Martini. This classy and naughty drink has the perfect balance of fruity tropical notes and a sweet, unique Turkish delight flavour. Absolutely sublime! This deceptive little drink does need a warning label though, don’t be fooled by the cute little glass and deliciously innocent flavour, a few of these little ones and you will be well on your way ;)

Do you want to cool down quickly?

Frozen cocktails are definitely the way to go with our African summer heat. Daiquiri’s are one of the most well known frozen cocktails and simply defined is a mixture of fruit, white rum and ice. One of the most famous variants of these is without question the strawberry daiquiri. But seeing as how we’re always striving to be one step ahead of the rest and as you should know by now at The Alphen Boutique Hotel our motto is to expect the unexpected, we’ve once again taken the initiative to create our very own daiquiri. Peach, Pineapple and Vanilla… It may sound like an odd combination but we assure you this mix of flavours not only works exceptionally well together but their respective characteristics complement one another in a manner which creates the ultimate “cool down” drink.

Are you a wino?

One of the trickiest customers to try and convince to have a cocktail always tends to be our wino’s. As we’ve mentioned before, at the luxury Alphen Boutique Hotel we take care of everyone because that’s what one would expect a 5 star establishment to do. So for all the wine lovers, you simply have to try our Black-currant Chardonnay Spritzer.  This fantastic mix of Chambord (a delicious liquor which is said to have been introduced to Louis XIV during one of his visits to the Château de Chambord in the late 17th century), triple sec, chardonnay and soda is a delightfully refreshing light summer drink. The mix of citrus, berry and grapes is an easy sipping playful yet sophisticated experience every wine lover needs to try at least once!

Perhaps you would prefer some tea?

Nearly every cocktail lover has tried a Long Island Ice Tea at least once before, some love the kick for their buck and others simply are not fans of being bowled over by one drink. As a matter of fact, did you know, the long island ice tea was named due to its resemblance to ice tea (once it has been mixed of course), in fact this is one of the ways you can determine whether your Long Island Ice Tea is any good. As with our signature daiquiri we went a step further and fixed this popular recipe… Actually we’ve put a whole new twist on it by allowing you to make your own Alphen Summer Iced Tea and if you like you have the option to make it naughty by choosing which alcohol you would like to add to it. So for the brave you could opt for the usual 5 white spirits and for the tame, perhaps just a single vodka would do the trick, the choice is yours!

Make the decision

Now that we’ve given you all the options, there’s only one thing left to do…See you at the Rose Bar :)








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