Make the 5 Star Alphen Boutique Hotel your address in the Constantia Valley, Cape Town.

A Historical Treasure

When scanning the extensive Alphen archives one realizes the important role these 11.5 acres have played across centuries of wars, archeological discoveries, hidden genders, floods and feuds.

For the past 300 years royalty and captains of industry have graced this wonderland nestled in the timeless Constantia valley. From the likes of Cecil John Rhodes & Lord Charles Somerset, to Mark Twain and Captain Cook, The Alphen wonderland has always been a serious purveyor of 5 star hospitality.

Preceding these golden years as host to the famous and infamous, the Alphen was at once a wine estate and at other times a working farm, and still proudly boasts the oldest working mill in the Western Cape. Her many transformations over the years have been as fascinating and unique as some particularly eccentric guests, most notable of which was Dr. Barry who, it was discovered on his deathbed, had masqueraded her entire life as a man.

It would seem to us that we have been charged with reviving centuries of quirk and legend. Tasked with ensuring the Alphen logfire stories under her new charge, The Kove Collection, create a generation of new tales of indulgence and decadence for future adventure seekers and treasure hunters looking to play their own part in the history of the future.