COVID 19 - Health & Safety at the Alphen Boutique Hotel

The health and safety of your guests at the Alphen Boutique Hotel & The Marly, continue to be our number one priority during the months ahead as we continuously monitor the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. We would like to advise you of the following updates that we have put in place in addition to our normal stringent health & safety protocols; designed to ensure your guests peace of mind from check in to check out. 

Check in & check out: 

  • Physical distancing will be practiced by our trained, personal protection equipped reception staff who will greet the guest on arrival.
  • Each guest will be temperature screened in a safe manner to ensure their health and the health and safety of fellow guests and our staff. 
  • They will be re-screened if they leave the hotel and return during the day and on departure from the hotel at the end of their stay.
  • A record of these screenings will be kept with their arrival COVID19 questionnaire, completed with our reception team when they arrive and can be used in making contingency plans for isolation/quarantine facilities should they become necessary.
  • Luggage will be sanitised by spraying.
  • Sanitised and sealed keys will be presented to guests.
  • No cash transactions will be permitted.
  • Guests are kindly requested not to invite non resident guests to the hotel.
  • Guests and staff alike, will be asked to wear a mask at all times when not in the privacy of their rooms. This has been mandated into South African law.


  • Guests will experience an increase in cleaning and sanitising protocol frequency in all rooms and public areas and can be assured in the knowledge that this is also being implemented in all back of house areas as well.
  • Sanitising stations are available throughout the hotel and public areas.
  • All staff will be equipped with appropriate PPE and uniforms.
  • No staff member will be in the room at the same time as a guest.
  • No turndown service will be available unless requested.
  • Personal use sanitisers will be provided in each room and sanitising wipes available in all room corridors. 
  • Sealed disposable tea and coffee trays will be available on request. Minibar contents have been removed – sealed items will be available on request. Disinfected and sealed tv remotes will be placed in each room.
  • Improved air circulation in the rooms for increased air quality has been implemented. All linen & towels will be washed at 70 degrees for optimal disinfection.

Food safety:

  • Our kitchen and restaurant staff have been trained in strict safety procedures for cooking and serving food and beverages.
  • All food and beverage staff have been supplied with job specific PPE and uniforms.
  • Our kitchens will be disinfected by a professional company once a week in addition to our onsite daily disinfection protocols.

Our team members:

  • Our staff are engaged in an ongoing and continuously evolving, comprehensive training programme in hygiene and prevention protocols for team members in all departments.
  • All staff will be prescreened with temperature checks and a questionnaire answered before being allowed to start their day. 
  • Job specific PPE equipment and uniforms have been provided for each staff member.
  • Our staff awareness is essential for the effective implementation of our protocols as it ensures they are protected as well as our guests.
  • We pledge that there will be full disclosure at all times between the hotel and its guests and staff by sharing of information as to the safety and hygiene protocols in place as well as any incident reporting.
  • To alleviate the risk of transmission, continuous and stringent social distancing etiquette will be implemented between guest and staff to reduce person to person contact but we are committed to continue to provide a warm and professional stay experience to our regular and first-time guests. 

In partnership with the WHO and the South African government guidelines, our health, safety and hygiene strategies within the Kove Collection are designed to build healthier environments and change behaviour patterns with guests and staff alike.

We really do take the health and safety of our guests and staff seriously and look forward to partnering with you to provide the very best stay experience in Cape Town for your clients.

Yours – in working together towards a safe and healthy, renewed tourism industry.

Hannalie Greyling 

General Manager | The Marly and The Alphen Boutique Hotels 

October 2020