Our Story

“Every element of The Alphen experience is layered in what has been so loved; and what is yet to be loved.”

Set on 11.5 acres of lush land, The Alphen Boutique Hotel was previously a wine estate and a working farm, and still proudly boasts one of the oldest mills in the Western Cape. Her many transformations over the years have been as fascinating and as unique as the accompanying guest-list.

From Cecil John Rhodes and Lord Charles Somerset, to Mark Twain and Captain Cook, The Alphen Boutique Hotel has always been a purveyor of luxury hospitality in Constantia.

As part of The Kove Collection , The Alphen Boutique Hotel is constantly creating new stories to add to the layers of the property and for generations to come this hotel will surely continue to be the heart of Cape Town wherein magic and memories are made.

Our Story

Our History

The Alphen is steeped in history. The compelling story of its past is told by monuments and preserved pieces throughout the estate, inviting guests to share in the story of The Alphen while creating their own memories, adding to the fascinating tale. An iconic property that nods to the past, but embraces the future, The Alphen is the perfect example of Old Meets New. Modern and crisp interiors are complemented by preserved pieces throughout the property, including original doors, fireplaces and windows. Come and discover our story for yourself.


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